Wednesday, 21 September 2011

my favourite bar-brennans in belfast

some people might know this bar better as the beaten docket,its on the corner of amelia street,facing the crown bar.if your looking for something to eat,well there are plenty of shops that sell food,this is a bar with characters and personalitys and great craic,just what i like in a bar,dont go in here looking a 5 star meal and gourmet chefs.
but if your looking for a laugh,some music and great company,then brennans on a friday and saturday is the bar for you.all ages and some great personalitys,like big jim,benny and aul geordie and behind the bar,wee gerard,anto and dark cloud (marty),so called because he never smiles apparently??the night we were there big jim had us in stiches,(laughter)with some of his tales and banter.i highly recommend brennans to anyone out for a night in was an experience and highly enjoyable

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